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SUPPORT LEARNING EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY seeks to promote affective methods in the teaching of Reading and Writing by adopting a humanistic approach that integrates the Arts, Literature and NLP strategies (Neurolinguistic Programming), with a view to humanizing cognition and expanding educators’ role as facilitators of change and growth.


We reach schools with our three educational programmes:

TEACHER TRAINING in English that supports educators in the implementation of affective strategies that integrate Literature and the Arts. Go to Teachers.

TOUCH THE AUTHOR WORKHOPS & artPERFORMANCE in English for students of all ages. Professional artists visit schools to run workshops that weave Literature through the Arts. We also offer artperformance sessions for larger groups. Contents are carefully graded contemplating interests and cognitive abilities at KINDER, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL levels, bilingual and non-bilingual. Available for CABA and GRAN BUENOS AIRES. Go to Touch the Author Kids - Touch the Author Teens



The Pillars of our Project:

A strong belief in personal and institutional capacity for empowerment.

An Integrative Approach to Learning - enhancing cognition and emotion processes.

Literature as an effective vehicle for the transmission of universal values and cultural tradition.


How is this done?

By working on intrinsic motivation to develop a keen interest in lifetime literacy.

By drawing on the Arts to assist Reading & Writing processes.

By applying NLP strategies to generate feelings of empowerment and confidence in our inner resources.

For more information, please contact Prof. María Teresa Manteo

María Teresa Manteo, Educational Consultant :: info@supportlearning.com.ar :: Tel (5411) 4503 0605