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TOUCH THE AUTHOR is an educational project run by professional artists who blend quality children’s Literature with the transformational power of the arts. Our starting point is always a special book, whose life-affirming message, illustrations and literary quality stand out, and deserve to be enjoyed and studied as works of art.

This project allows students and teachers to see artists perform, interact with them and by so doing enrich their own stock of images and personal resources. Participants are led by workshop facilitators through a process of discovery that sparks cognition and fosters intellectual and emotional growth.

After having visited numerous schools in the last five years, we have been able to see the profound impact that the integration of the Arts and Literature can generate in the learning experience. This union creates a synergy that is bigger than the sum of the parts and reaches participants in special ways that unleash creative potential.

TOUCH THE AUTHOR addresses Literature as a mode of expression of feelings and ideas, where words gain meaning in the context of the visual, musical and the dramatic languages of art. By making Literature a more concrete place, rich in visual and auditory images, learners can connect more easily to the world of ideas.

Let’s build a place where the learning experience becomes a passage to intellectual freedom that seeks to touch new worlds – worlds where we can think with paintbrushes, sing with colours and understand words without words…


Why Literature?

It feeds the soul with a taste of adventure, providing characters and situations that echo familiar issues.

It is a safe place, where we can have fun and share with others the concerns of human existence.

It allows us to make connections between ourselves, our realities and other books, media and cultures.

Why the Arts?

Their broad-spectrum modes of expression reach learners in appealing ways, by easily tapping into visual, auditory and kinesthetic channels.

They provide multiple languages that allow for the expression of feelings and thoughts in non-verbal modes.

By tapping into non-verbal modes, it is easier to engage thought and with it invite language to manifest itself.


In the design of this project we have drawn on the intellectual wealth passed on by inspiring scholars, such as Howard Gardner and “Project Zero”, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , architect of the notion of “Flow”, David Perkins, strong advocate for the use of the Arts in school curricula, Don Campbell, passionate researcher into the wholesome effects of music on the brain, and Natalie Rogers’ “Creative Connection Theory”. The endless list of researchers in the field testifies to the fact that, as educators, we need to shape new methods to humanize cognition, further understanding and jointly create a healthier place, where intellectual freedom and better judgment can bring peace to our troubled world.

The Rationale of Touch the Author is also available through counseling and teacher training in Flow, Literature and the Arts, and Words that Heal, the Affective Domain in Language Teaching.

María Teresa Manteo Educational Consultant
mail: info@supportlearning.com.ar :: Tel.: (5411) 4503 0605