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Storytelling, Poetry Performance and Songs



Music, engaging poetry and flash narratives hold together our art-oriented dynamics to bring teens into Literature.

In our programme for secondary schools we have sought to blur the lines between the old and the new, the canonic and the post-modern, inviting our audiences to embrace integration of styles and genres.

VICTOR'S INVENTION brings an adapted version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the lower groups in secondary school or for students with an A1 or A2 level of English. The narrative is supported by a slide show with gothic graphic art and some key moments in the story are enhanced by rock singing. This is an ideal workshop to show students how to adapt complex text to a multi- modal production.

The LYRICS IN AWARD-WINNING SONGS workshop explores the magic of words and music in unison. Our body of songs privileges lyrics with life-affirming messages shortlisted by the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards for Best Song and the Brit Awards, among others. The performance includes students´ participation, a brief reference to each song background as well as thematic links within the repertoire. A most suitable session for mixed groups with different levels of English, who will profit from singing to live guitar and harmonica.

In THE BEAT OF POETRY teens will find how the heart of poetry in the classics beats as strongly as in the contemporaries. We have chosen poems that appeal to young adults and may easily tap into their interests. Likewise, we have respected the level of complexity that IGCSE and International Exams require. This is a highly engaging experience to break the barrier and lead young minds into considering poetry as a viable and fulfilling literary experience.

FLASH FICTION ON STAGE offers a hand-picked selection of very short narratives, ideal for quick delivery to teenagers. New as it may sound, in actual fact, FLASH FICTION can be traced to very primordial forms of story-making. In our choice we have honoured again the old and the new, the classics and the contemporaries. This workshop is framed to allow for moments of discussion and participation to facilitate students' insight and involvement. Drama games spice up the session.



Based on the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.




Envisioning a new form of fiction
to facilitate understanding
and engagement with Literature
and Drama.




Blurring the border between classics and moderns.
Selection of mainstream IGCSE poems and
alternative forms of poetry to engage young adults.

William Shakespeare, William Blake, Elizabeth
Bishop, Benjamin Zephaniah and Kwame Alexander,
among others. Rapping and Singing.




(guitar and harmonica)
Discovering the beauty of words embedded in music.
Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, One Direction,
Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake among others.




2016 Workshops also available!
Shakespeare for Teens
The Story of Othello based on William Shakespeare´s Othello
The Story of Macbeth: Facts and Fiction based on William Shakespeare´s Macbeth
Stories of Mystery and Suspense


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