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By weaving Literature through the Arts we can renew encounter with our creative energy. Transformative Literature and Picture Book Art
are at the core of our new sessions.



A Jungian approach that embraces differences and fosters integration through Literature

The workshop includes analysis of chosen fairy tales to recognize motifs and find links with symbols in contemporary stories.

The session addresses various concepts drawn from Carl Jung´s cosmic vision to explore how the teaching of Literature can nurture soul growth and self awareness. Multimodal activities such as imaging, drawing, painting and poem-making create bridges to deepen understanding and facilitate integration.
Contemporary stories include chosen pieces in 2017 TOUCH THE AUTHOR & MEET THE ARTIST among others.

LEARNING TO THINK WITH MY EYES through Picture Books and Active Imagination

Picture Book Art appreciation is a realm to be discovered and developed.
Participants will refine their art appreciation by discussion of the physicality of picture books as pieces of sculpture.

Art design and meaning-making are at the centre of this session as we go on a picture walk through masterpieces of this genre.

Contemplation of acclaimed illustrators´ work sparks active imagination to look, see and fly off the boundaries of pictures, as Carl Jung initiates us in this practice.


A course in four modules that addresses teachers’ role as mediators of reading and writing processes, where the learner develops his own sense of voice and competence in his literacy skills.

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1. The Reading and Language Arts Workshop
A dynamic framework to promote independent reading and celebrate shared reading in safe and relaxed environments around literacy. Through the Language Arts we also explore creative activities to help lay the foundations of literacy skills.

2. Weaving Literacy through the Arts
In this workshop we turn to the Arts to help children revisit text and build meaning from a constructivist perspective, as well as strengthen exploratory skills to make connections, synthesize, determine importance and question their reading.

3. Values, Literature and NLP
The purpose of this workshop is to explore communication strategies and some material from literary sources to genuinely work on values from an “inward - outward approach”, a way to align conscience, actions and desired outcomes. NLP, Literature and Values are part of a cauldron where empathetic communication and the inspirational spark of Literature join to generate an important flow of energy- feelings, thoughts and actions- to improve our working environments and help us make a difference in education.

4. The Reading and Writing Connection
In this session we address the need to read and write as part of the same process. We discuss strategies to support struggling readers and writers as well as right-brain activities to unleash creativity. We also go into social constructivism to structure literary discussions and facilitate the Writing Process.


For more information, please contact Prof. María Teresa Manteo

María Teresa Manteo, Educational Consultant :: info@supportlearning.com.ar :: Tel (5411) 4503 0605