María Teresa Manteo

Prof. María Teresa Manteo trains teachers in holistic methods in the weaving of reading, writing and the arts. She also runs SL educational programme Touch the Author Workshops for Children and Teens. She holds a degree as an English Teacher for Primary and Secondary School from Lenguas Vivas Teachers’ Training College, where she also completed a post-graduate course in English Literature. She has obtained a FurtheProfessional Studies Certificate in Education Management from the University of Bristol UK as well as a Practitioner’s Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming Applied to Education.

As the founder director of Support Learning Educational Programme, María Teresa seeks innovative pathways to strengthen children’s personal connection with books.

In complex 2020 she probed new ways into remote learning by joining Ila Next, Online Professional Interactive Learning, with 36+ hours of responsive literacy PD.

In 2019 Maria Teresa participated in the Summer Institute on Children’s Literature, University of Simmons, Boston, USA.

In 2018 she participated in the American Art Therapy Congress, Miami for fresh insights into the Expressive Arts. In July 2017, she also participated in “Connecting Collections”, organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA. It was a 30-hour instructional course that explored new ways of including modern and contemporary art into lesson plans. In 2016 she was also happy to participate in the ILA Conference (International Literacy Association) on Transforming Lives through Literacy”, held in Boston, USA; additionally, she completed her two-year course in Jungian Cosmic Vision with emphasis on Interrelatedness and Self-Awareness at Fundación Vínculo, CABA, Argentina.

She has lectured for various publishers of English reading materials, and currently teaches Literature for Cambridge IGCSE. She’s a lifelong researcher into The Arts and Education, and a committed practitioner of Literature in the Arts strategies.

As part of SL Holistic Learning programme for Teachers, she has developed various programmes:

  • Becoming a Reading and Writing Facilitator
  • Learning to Think with my Eyes
  • Activating Inner Knowledge through Literature and Myths

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