María Teresa Manteo holds a degree as Profesora de Inglés para la Escuela Primaria y Secundaria, Lenguas Vivas, with an Adscripción a Literatura Inglesa.  She has obtained a Further Professional Studies Certificate in Education Management from the University of Bristol, UK as well as a Practitioner’s Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming Applied to Education. She trains teachers in holistic methods in the weaving of reading, writing and the arts, and runs Support Learning Educational Programme Touch the Author Workshops for children and teens.

María Teresa seeks innovative pathways to strengthen children’s personal connection with books. She participated in the 2019 Summer Institute on Children’s Literature, University of Simmons, Boston, USA. She is also happy to have been part of:  the American Art Therapy Congress, Miami, 2018; Connecting Collections, 2017, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and in ILA Conference, Boston, in 2016. Additionally, she completed her two-year course in Formación en Pensamiento Junguiano, Autoconocimiento y Vincularidad – Fundación Vínculo.

She has lectured for various publishers of English reading materials, and currently teaches Literature for Cambridge IGCSE and IB. She’s a lifelong researcher into The Arts and Education, and a committed practitioner of Literature in the Arts strategies.

She has recently been selected by the International Literacy Association, USA to serve on the Notable Books for a Global Society Award Committee for 2022-24. This committee explores recently published Children’s Literature that promotes diversity, understanding and peace-making across cultures, to finally select 25 distinguished books to be awarded every year.

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