Tapping into the potential of illustrations and creative narratives.

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Aimed at primary school

Ideal for Hybrid Learning

Seven Educational Goals:

  1. To create conversations around art
  2. To scaffold thinking routines that promote divergent thinking
  3. To connect picturebook art and meaning- making
  4. To draw on the synergy created by images and words
  5. To inspire creative imagination
  6. To build engaging and supportive scenarios for self-expression
  7. To celebrate the art of storytelling by celebrated author-illustrators, professional storytellers and children’s productions.


Our project has been ignited by the Visual Thinking routines developed by project Zero from Harvard University, and The National Gallery of Art educational programmes.

Within SUPPORT LEARNING holistic approach, we stretch the project to conversations that embrace cognitive and emotional aspects, to build safe and inspiring scenarios for self-expression. Likewise, in our sessions discussion of picturebook art also plays an important role in the construction of metacognition skills in the process of meaning-making, with a view to the development of flourishing writing and illustration school projects.

María Teresa Manteo’s frequent visits to the Eric Carle Museum add magic to this project, too.

On-line sessions led by artists Lydia Stevens and Tom Harris provide a cognitive playground for children, as well as an easy-to-follow framework to be adopted by teachers who wish to turn their classrooms into spaces that thrive in rich talk and personal quests.



Splash of Colour and Music

In this workshop Lydia Stevens walks children through a sensorial journey, clearly following visual thinking routines around an abstract painting by Wassily Kandinsky. Participants also step into the world of the young artist, who discovered he perceived colours and music in unison. This session is spiced up with Performed Storytelling and creative imagination games to promote self-expression, as springboard for writing and illustration work by students.
Extension activities are provided for teachers to carry on with this project.
Cited work: The Noisy Paintbox by Barb Rosenstock (author) and Mary GrandPre (Illustrator)


The Whimsical World of Dreams

In this workshop Tom Harris leads students into the strange and whimsical world of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and how that world inspired the Czech Illustrator Peter Sis in his book The Three Golden Keys. The workshop encourages the students to see new meaning in everyday objects and find fun in making artworks from them. It also explores how that imagery relates to dreams, like the dream described in Peter Sis’ beautifully illustrated journey into his own past. Peter Sis is a Christian Andersen award-winner. The story is musically brought to life by Tom.

Visual thinking routines set children thinking with a view to promoting self-expression through creative writing and illustration work.
Extension activities are provided for teachers to carry on with this project.
Cited Book: The Three Golden Keys by Peter Sis