Hello Friends!

Once again I am thrilled to announce SL 2024 interlocked projects that bring together storytelling, books and teacher training, to help you create a special atmosphere around literacy and learning.

Performed Storytelling

We will continue visiting schools with our trove of stories performed by professional storytellers who amplify their craft in the context of SL holistic approach, tapping into drama, conversations, illustrations, visual thinking, yoga and many other integrated activities that include an educational kit for pre-workshop and post-workshop use.

Reading and Literacy 

SL seeks to support reading processes as well as a love of books.

In consonance with this mission, in 2024 Travelling Libraries visit schools from March through December. The Libraries come in three different sets of 25 books each — all hardcovers of recent publication.

Why Travelling Libraries?

As SL Director I have had the pleasure of visiting schools hosting our Performed Storytelling, and auspiciously noticed that there is a thirst for new titles in Children’s Literature as well as inspiring reading materials.

My participation as a member of the Notable Books for a Global Society Committee (International Literacy Association) has allowed me to have access to recently published titles for children and young adults, experience which has extended the number and quality of mind-opening books on SL educational platform.

What’s the added educational value?

Each pack comes with suggested activities to make the most of each carefully curated selection.

Travelling Libraries are provided on a first come first served basis. Book your month with anticipation!

Performed Storytelling and Travelling Libraries bring quality education to your school. I will be more than happy to hear from you and support your work!


María Teresa Manteo

Support Learning Education         

Founder Director

How are Travelling Libraries implemented?

All three selections include picture books for:

Kinder SEL: featuring recently published titles as well as some ground-breaking classics to promote SEL (Socio-Emotional Learning). This selection comes with stuffed pets and book characters to liven up teachers’ read-alouds.

Primary SEL: comprising picture books about life-affirming themes to develop empathy and understanding of the self and others with a focus on cultural diversity. Ideal for grades 1 to 5

Primary DIVERSE BOOKS: featuring diverse picture books unfolding stories that expand awareness into culture, identity and social justice. Most suitable for Grade 4 and up, and ideal to be used as entry points into social studies.

Each case contains 25 one-of-a-kind picture books, which may be hired for one week or for three weeks.

The selection stays at the school for the chosen period of time. Books should be ready for pick-up by the end of the loan period.

The teacher opens the suitcase and… what’s next?

A Reading Workshop follows with moments of independent and shared reading. Prof. María Teresa Manteo runs online workshops at no cost for those schools that hire at least one Travelling Library, where notable books are showcased, and the potential of the picture book unleashed.

The picture book is the theatre of the lap… –Will Hillenbrand

Schools may opt for an on-site educational training at an additional fee.

-20% discount for schools adopting Performed Storytelling and 

Travelling Libraries in the same school year –

3 Interlocked Projects

A special synergy around stories, books and art…

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