Meet the Artist – Secondary School


VICTOR’S INVENTION brings an adapted version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for the lower groups in secondary school or for students with an A1 or A2 level of English. The narrative is supported by a slide show with gothic graphic art and some key moments in the story are enhanced by rock singing. This is an ideal workshop to show students how to adapt complex text to a multi- modal production. Facilitated by Jenny Moule

In THE BEAT OF POETRY teens will find how the heart of poetry in the classics beats as strongly as in the contemporaries. We have chosen poems that appeal to young adults and may easily tap into their interests. Likewise, we have respected the level of complexity that IGCSE and International Exams require. This is a highly engaging experience to break the barrier and lead young minds into considering poetry as a viable and fulfilling literary experience. Facilitated by Jenny Moule.

A TEMPEST IN MY UKULELE: In this adapted version of The Tempest, Jenny plucks from her ukulele strings the magic of second chances on an island, where human passions are unleashed and given new opportunities. After mighty efforts to bring his mean brother to his universe, embittered Prospero manages to find redeeming peace in his heart and releases his daughter and servants from submission, allowing them to find their own music. Students take a taste of the unforgettable parts that angry Caliban and musical Ariel play in World Literature. Based on
The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Facilitated by Jenny Moule

This performance includes a selection of poems aimed at pre-teens and teens to reimagine what poetry is. To the beat of jazz, blues and rap, we bring to life memorable poems that speak of resilience, identity and freedom. This session explores modern ways of envisaging poem-making with the contribution of multimedia and contemporary text. Facilitated by Jenny Moule.

Featured Poets: Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, Silvia Plath, William Carlos William, Kwame Alexander, Eminem, Tupac , Benjamin Zephaniah and Bob Dylan among others.

Inspired in the award-winning Out of Wonder by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Ekua Holmes




Mortals’ conflicts intertwine with the passions of Greek Gods. Against this backdrop of mischief, Psyche and Cupid overcome tests and trials to reunite, linking the two worlds: Earth and the Mount Olympus. Guided by Tom, students will help create the fabric of this workshop with their own ideas and themes. Live illustration and drama will add depth to the scope of this session.

In THE STORY OF MACBETH: FACT & FICTION, Tom deftly brings to life the complex Shakespearean tale of witches, ambition and deciet, in a 50min carefully abridged version. This workshop comes with an optional extra that can cater for different ages: for younger kids Tom guides the students through a lively workshop creating their own unique royal crowns; or for older students Tom leads a fascinating insight into the historical context of the writing of the play plus a workshop creating drawings of historical coins.

FLASH FICTION ON STAGE offers a hand-picked selection of very short narratives, ideal for quick delivery to teenagers. New as it may sound, in actual fact, FLASH FICTION can be traced to very primordial forms of story-making. In our choice we have honoured again the old and the new, the classics and the contemporaries. This workshop is framed to allow for moments of discussion and participation to facilitate students’ insight and involvement with reading. Drama games spice up the session. Facilitated by Lydia Stevens

STORIES OF SUSPENSE covers two great short stories The Landlady, one of Roald Dahl’s Tales of The Unexpected, and Marionettes INC. from Ray Bradbury’s classic The Illustrated Man. Both stories incorporate Tom’s trademark live illustrations and their slightly creepy twists cater perfectly to teenage students. They can be presented both together or separately followed by a lively debate about the themes and morals of the stories, as well as a presentation and discussion about Tom’s own work as an Illustrator.

Based on The Three Golden Keys, Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei, & Follow the Dream: the Story ofChristopher Columbus by Peter Sis.
Christian Andersen award-winner Peter Sis, leads us through the labyrinths and odysseys of visionaries who show the way into uncharted lands. Facilitator Tom Harry weaves the three stories into a visual physical narrative that urges young minds to listen for their own calling and pursue it with passion.