Teacher Training

A Holistic Approach to Literature

Prof. María Teresa Manteo

By weaving Literature through the Arts we can renew encounter with our creative energy. Transformative Literature and Picture Book Art are at the core of our recent sessions.


PICTURE BOOK ART AND CREATIVE THINKING (two workshops of two and hours and a half)

Facilitated by Prof. María Teresa Manteo



Integrating Picture Books and Modern Art into the Classroom

This session is based on the 2017 Connecting Collections art immersion course presented by

the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA.

The aim of this workshop is to dive into thoughtful look at art as a means to ignite free thinking and imaginary journeys.

We will explore the potential of contemporary art to trigger thought, and transfer this experience to the art of picture book viewing. We will draw on inspirational modern art as well as illustrations from picture books by acclaimed children’s authors and illustrators.

After this refreshing session, teachers will have tools to:

  • Facilitate holistic learning through Literature and the Arts
  • Generate collaborative thinking and talk around art
  • Approach picture book viewing as a dynamic experience
  • Explore the art of question-making to facilitate rich conversations.
  • Implement creative expression projects at school.



The Picture Book as a Piece of Sculpture

This session is inspired in the immersive experience of my visit to the Eric Carle Museum, the

one-of-a-kind museum for children and adults to enjoy the art of picture books.

The aim of this workshop is to explore Picture Book Art as a genre in its own right. Participants will refine their art appreciation skills by discussion of the physicality of picture books as pieces of sculpture, gaining insights into the language of illustrations and picture book paratext.

Art design and meaning-making are at the center of this session. Contemplation of acclaimed illustrators’ artwork will spark active imagination to look, see and fly off the boundaries of pictures. We´ll engage in conversations in a hands-on gathering to integrate Literature and the Arts.

By the end of this session, teachers will have tools to:

  • Better understand illustrators and editors’ style choices.
  • Reflect on the use and effect of paratext: the doublespread, the gutter, the endpaper, book orientation and size.
  • Explore how illustrations assist in meaning-making
  • Use illustrations to unleash creative energy
  • Launch a school project for children to become publishers and authors of their own books.



A course in four modules that addresses teachers’ role as mediators of reading and writing processes, where the learner develops his own sense of voice and competence in his literacy skills.

  1. The Reading and Language Arts Workshop

A dynamic framework to promote independent reading and celebrate shared reading in safe and relaxed environments around literacy. Through the Language Arts we also explore creative activities to help lay the foundations of literacy skills.

  1. Weaving Literacy through the Arts

In this workshop we turn to the Arts to help children revisit text and build meaning from a constructivist perspective, as well as strengthen exploratory skills to make connections, synthesize, determine importance and question their reading.

  1. Values, Literature and NLP

The purpose of this workshop is to explore communication strategies and some material from literary sources to genuinely work on values from an “inward – outward approach”, a way to align conscience, actions and desired outcomes. NLP, Literature and Values are part of a cauldron where empathetic communication and the inspirational spark of Literature join to generate an important flow of energy- feelings, thoughts and actions- to improve our working environments and help us make a difference in education.

  1. The Reading and Writing Connection

In this session we address the need to read and write as part of the same process. We discuss strategies to support struggling readers and writers as well as right-brain activities to unleash creativity. We also go into social constructivism to structure literary discussions and facilitate the Writing Process.

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