ONLINE & IN-SCHOOL Presentations


What age groups are addressed ?
Toddlers, young learners and teenagers ( ages 3 to 18)

What’s the maximum number of students in each session?
Up to 60 students

How long are the sessions ?
On average 40 minutes in primary and secondary school, and 30 minutes in Kinder and Grade 1

How is comprehension supported ?
By means of multimedia productions that combine live music, art and live illustration, depending on the session. An extension activity kit provides pre and post workshop literacy materials.

How are students motivated ?
Accomplished English performers delight teachers and students alike with their wealth of artistic resources.

Do students need to read the stories beforehand?
Our materials and dynamics make comprehension accessible. We encourage novelty and surprise, and provide complete outlines of stories for teachers to share with their students, if necessary.

How does Teacher Training combine with Touch the Author programme ?
Our Teacher Development workshops promote holistic education, thriving on the integration of the arts and Literature, with a view to embracing soul needs of children and adults alike.