The Lion and the Littlest Tiny Mouse NEW!

No matter how small you may be, your creativity and courage will melt a Lion’s heart.

Yoga trainer and storyteller Sofia Dunay also leads kids on a second shorter version of the story with Yoga poses. Schools can also opt for a Storytelling performance without yoga poses.

Themes: friendship, forest animals, self-esteem, creativity, conflict resolution.

Based on The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright & illustrated by Jim Field


Sniff, sniff! Dog on the trail! 

Ms Dog Detective follows her infallible sense of smell to race beyond the village fence… what new mystery will she solve? 

Yoga trainer and storyteller Sofia Dunay weaves yoga poses and mindful breathing through the narrative. Schools can also opt for a Storytelling performance without yoga poses.

Themes: love of books, overcoming obstacles, empathy, understanding, community, conflict resolution.

Based on: The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Sarah Ogilvie


GRADES 1 and 2

Paws on the Window NEW!

What happens when two neighbour cats say Hi! across their windows? Will their “humans” understand their meaows and purrs?

Themes: breaking barriers, socializing, friendship, sharing, cat lovers.

Based on:

Based on All Cats Welcome by Susin Nielsen & illustrated by Vivian Mineker

GRADES 3 and 4

Extraordinary Friendships NEW!

What does it take to befriend a whale? …and an octopus?!

Two young protagonists dive into the mysteries of heart-warming friendships that open new dimensions of understanding and empathy.

Themes: overcoming shyness, special friendships, empathy, taking care of the planet.

Based on Leo and the Octopus by Isabelle Marinov, & The Tale of the Whale by Karen Swan & illustrated by Padmacandra.


Stories of Wisdom and Wonder from the East NEW!

What makes exemplary leaders? These two tales invite us to reflect on the power of kindness, compassion and integrity.

A special deer’s strength and a girl’s clever ways spark conversations about merciful leadership. Vibrant artwork amplifies the impact of the teachings in these stories that distill Eastern wisdom.

Themes:  leadership, loyalty, compassion, ingeniousness, mathematical folktale, inspiring artwork.

Based on Nine Colour Deer by Kailin Duan & Grain of Rice by Demi



Abstract Art with Alma Thomas: Light, Life and her Message 

Young Alma Thomas loved to immerse herself in colour. Due to countless racial injustices, her family left their hometown in Georgia and moved to Washington DC. As an art teacher she transmitted her love of art beyond measure. In her sixties she lost vision gradually and was happy to dab her canvas with the patterns of light her eyes could still appreciate. Alma Thomas is the first Black woman to have her work chosen for the White House collection, USA.

Our Visual Thinking Workshop seeks to experience her aesthetics of pattern and colour. Storytelling includes her life mission and creativity to surmount the obstacles on her path.

Cited book: Ablaze with Colour A Story of Painter Alma Thomas by Jeanne Walker Harvey & illustrated by Loveis Wise


An engaging variety of poems offer a fresh take on the potential of poetry. 

The little stories in verse are performed, sung and rapped, reaching audiences in a most vibrant way. Students are encouraged to participate all along, and walk away with the rhythm of poetry shaking their bodies, and very importantly, with some food for thought to reflect on life-affirming issues. Educationally groovy!