Make Room, Rover!

Cuddly Rover sleeps through lightning and thunder, only to discover that he is not alone when he wakes up. Squirrel, Racoon, Blue Jay, Snake, Cat and Mouse love the warmth of his doghouse… but will that make him happy?

Jane Dyer’s artwork of animals is endearing and inspiring to make these animals jump off the page and talk!

Yoga poses and mindful breathing enhance the narrative. 

Schools can also opt for a storytelling performance without yoga poses.

Based on Move Over, Rover
By Karen Beaumont & illustrated by Jane Dyer
Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor



On the Other Side of the Wall

This storytelling session invites a good laugh. How can there be a wall in the middle of a book? Jon Agee wittingly uses “the gutter” as a real wall to create hilarious situations on both sides. Which is the safe side? What if we cross over? What if the ogre on the other end is not such? How do we feel when we finally move into the place we feared the most?

Children are also invited to experience “crossing the wall” through fun drama games, and relate to the comical side of these memorable characters. Ideal for peace-making and confidence building.

Based on The Wall in the Middle of the Book
By Jon Agee


GRADES 1 and 3

Mess in the Tate Gallery

Everybody thinks Mildred is lazy…she spends the whole day in her cozy basket. But no one can tell what she is capable of… until the gallery doors close. Once alone, Mildred is anxious to find her inner cat artist, but as luck would have it, a whimsical mouse crosses her path. And an incredible scuffle follows with extraordinary consequences in the Tate Gallery, alongside re-imagined art!

Children also play drama games inspired in Calder, Pollock, Miro and Andy Warhol’s paintings … and the big mess that follows the scuffle. Fun and educational! Inspired in the curious incident of a real cat that lived many years in the Tate Gallery, London.

Based on Mildred, the Gallery Cat
By Jono Ganz

GRADES 3 and 4

Friendship Grows Everywhere

Where you see an empty space, there may be a seed for a myriad of possible connections to grow. The ingredients? Imagination. Empathy. Kindness. Two young characters embark on journeys to find new friends in clever and heartful ways- only after admitting there’s an unfinished story they need to complete.

Short book discussion follows on biased first opinions and the importance of real connections with others. A thoughtful look at the illustrations stretches young audiences’ imaginations.

Based on: Adrian Simcox does
Not Have a Horse by Marcy
Campbell & illustrated by
Corinna Luyken
And Neville
By Norton Juster & illustrated by Brian Karas



The Beat of the Land

This workshop reminds us that we are all parts of one wonderful whole, and that the soil we tread on has a beat of its own. We are immersed into the homeland of first peoples: North Dakota and the Amazon rainforest – seemingly distant locations where yet two distinct communities share the same bond with their habitats. They are the keepers of tradition and dear land.

Drumming and songs enhance the experience. The stunningly beautiful illustrations trigger conversations on cross-cultural relationships and the importance of indigenous knowledge.

Based on We Are Water Protectors
by Carole Lindstrom & illustrated by Michaela Goade
And The Young Teacher
and the Great Serpent
by Irene Vasco & illustrated
by Juan Palomino



Inner Wisdom in Water Stories

Seals are magical creatures in Scottish folklore, and the sea is a universal symbol for psychic energy and flow. What can happen to a seal-catcher if forced down into the ocean? What lessons are to be learnt and what healing properties can he bring to his soul?

Students are also invited to generate new narratives, prompted by conversations on the symbols and images in this ancient literary piece. The Hero’s Journey is also discussed.

Based on The Seal Catcher and The Selkies from:
Celtic Tales – Fairy Tale and Stories of Enchantment from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales. Designed by Emily Dubin
Illustrated by Kate Forrester. Text adapted by Mirabelle Korn